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Running on the highly regarded Sage X3 software, our accounting department delivers a range of value-adding services that complete our superior one-stop offering to our clients.

Orders and invoices are processed accurately and in good time.

All transactions have a fully documented and archived paper trail.

Clients receive comprehensive monthly reports and account statements as well as detailed breakdowns of sales, returns and stock movements.

All P.O.D’s are administered and processed effectively with regular reports delivered to principal clients.

SAGE X3 is a state-of-the-art Software package, designed specifically for Two Oceans Marketing to provide a fully integrated Accounting and Logistics solution for the Sales and Distribution industry.

Two Oceans Marketing (TOM) offers this facility to all it’s principles to streamline their administration and ensure seamless and accurate accounting and delivery of their products to their destinations.

By adopting this SAGE 3X package, you the principle, relieve yourself of the arduous, detailed administration demanded by the major retailers. You also enjoy the full service and years of experience of the TOM admin staff. A contractual arrangement between you and TOM allows unlimited access to sales reports, stock control, product line performance as well as the ability for your company to take your books up to Income and Balance Sheets.

Sage X3 has excellent built-in security that will keep your company’s data 100% confidential at all times.

TOM will take full responsibility for backing up all the admin data, on both a physical server and also a cloud back-up. The benefits of peace of mind, reduced staff requirement and less margin for error through reduplication of data, makes SAGE X3 an obvious choice for you to run your business efficiently.

Free training will clearly demonstrate the benefits of SAGE X3 and allow you to focus on your primary function, which is to manufacture the best product you can for us to confidently take to market.

Our commitment to understanding out clients’ critical information needs, coupled with Two Oceans Marketing’s thorough knowledge of the retail and FMCG sectors, translates into an exceptional ability to identify the potential for business process improvements and apply the latest technologies and products in a way that exceeds expectations and delivers a sustainable competitive advantage.

Two Oceans Marketing’s long-term relationships with large retail organisations like Pick n Pay, Shoprite/Checkers, and the Spar group, allows us to effectively integrate our client’s accounting and inventory control systems with the requirements of these stores, thereby automating many of the processes and facilitating smooth business operations.